Club ranking Country factor Explanation

With the European Club Ranking we compare all premier leagues clubs of all European countries. This unique ranking system is from 1970 till now.

The clubs can earn points with :

European Cup & Intertoto Cup football :  
Points for wins and draws and bonus points dependent on the reached stage. Extra points dependent on the aggregate result and the strongness of the opposite club

Domnestic League : 
Points dependent on the number of points and strongness of the domnestic league (see also European Country Factor).  Bonus points for the best three.

Domnestic Cup : 
Bonus points dependent on the reached stage.

Click on the country in the left frame to compare clubs from one country for the last season. 
The promoted teams are blue coloured. The relegated teams in red
The colum "league" tells the position in the final table.
The colum "cup" tells the reached stage in the domnestic cup competition.
More than 700 clublogos are included, for more logos go to the league pages 25 years tables